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User: gooseh

User Information

Setup photos

Hi, I'm John. Been playing since 2005. No formal training. Influenced by Daniel Roth, 19th century French music, Langlais, Dupre and early German/Baroque such as Buxtehude and Pachelbel.

My greatest moment(s) so far is playing on the organ at King's College Cambridge twice.

In 2016 I made a 3 manual Hauptwerk organ from 2 Behringer UMX61s and a third from a cheap midi keyboard. The 30 note straight pedalboard came from Muz-Or. The software is controlled with a touchscreen monitor and swell via the Behringer FCB1010.

Hardware profile

Operating system: Windows 8
Audio/MIDI interface:
Manual(s): Classic MIDI Keyboards
Pedalboard: Other BDO Pedalboard
System: PC
Monitor(s): Touch TCD/TFT
Speakers: Headphones
Sample Set(s): Aquincum Organ, Savaria
Caen - St. Etienne Cavaillé Coll
Cracov, St. John Cantius 2004
Klais Organ of Szikszó
Madeleine Paris - Cavaillé-Coll
Mascioni, Giubiasco (2008)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel E.M. Skinner
Strassburg, C. Werner, 1743