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User: ThomasH

User Information

Setup photos

I am an amateur organist in Switzerland. My interest in organs and organ playing awoke early on. Since age 17 I have been playing in various churches as a part-time organist. In 1986 I acquired a beautiful two manual pipe organ with 7 stops, which I still own today. Some years ago I discovered Hauptwerk and the extended sound possibilities of a house organ. Since summer 2020 I own a fine Hauptwerk system: a customized Noorlander Sonnette.

Hardware profile

Operating system: Windows 10
Audio/MIDI interface: ESI U86 XT
Manual(s): UHT
Pedalboard: Classic MIDI Pedalboard
System: PC
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
RAM: 128 GB
Monitor(s): Touch TCD/TFT
Speakers: Stereo speakers
Amplifier(s): built-in amplifiers
Software(s): Hauptwerk VII
Sample Set(s): 1687 Arp Schnitger, Steinkirchen, Germany
1761/2005 J. A. Silbermann-Metzler, Arlesheim, Switzerland
2012 Metzler, Poblet Abbey, Spain
Alessandria, Mascioni (2010)
Aristide No.1 Version 2
Bückeburg, Janke Organ
Caen - St. Etienne Cavaillé Coll
Casavant, opus 3742 (1995), Bellevue, Washington
Cavaillè-Coll, Saint Eucaire (1902)
Eisenbarth, Friesach (2000)
Groningen, St. Martini
Jeux d'orgues 4 - La Chaise Dieu (1683)
Köck (1700), Obervellach
Kuhn 2004, Essen Philharmonie
Laurenskerk - Main Organ - 1973 Marcussen & Son
Magnuskerk Anloo - V2
Mascioni, Azzio (2016)
Mascioni, Giubiasco (2008)
Metzler organ (2010), Düren
Müller Grote of Sint Bavo extended
Noordbroek, Schnitger-Hinsz-Freytag
Noordwolde, Huis - Freytag - Lohman Organ
St. Georgenkirche Gottfried Silbermann
St. Peter and Paul Arp Schnitger
Święta Lipka
Walcker, Melcer Chamber Music Hall (1993)
Weigle organ evang. Stadtkirche Nagold