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2012 Metzler, Poblet Abbey, Spain [Back to Library]

Producer: OrganArt Media
Builder: Metzler Orgelbau AG
Country: Spain
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: Yes
Audio Ouput: Stereo
Date Built: 2012


The renowned European organ building company, Metzler Orgelbau AG, which has been flourishing in Switzerland since 1890, built one of its largest instruments for the Poblet Monastery. It consists of three manuals and 56 stops.

Metzler has always built their instruments to last. For this reason they have studied historical organs throughout the continent to "relearn" the old master's organ building trade. Furthermore they only use the finest natural materials that have proved their value throughout the centuries.

The new Poblet organ, which is not a copy of a certain style, but was conceived as a balanced synthesis of the most important elements of European Baroque and Classical organ schools, is a truly interregional style instrument while being as authentic and accurate as possible to the original examples.

The tonal conception is based on the German Baroque style, centred in the music of J. S. Bach.

However the instrument also includes bright French and Spanish reeds, as well as mutations and fonds, the necessary elements for the interpretation of French, Iberian, Late Baroque, Romantic and modern music.
The voicing and tonal finishing was done by Andreas Metzler in consultation with the Abbey's main organist, Fr. Josep Antoni Peramos.
Concert organists from all over the world are now playing concerts in Poblet and are fascinated by the richness and beauty of the instrument's sound and the excellent mechanical tracker action, which allows easy coupling of all manuals.
The Abbey church has a reverberation time up to 7 seconds.

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Wolfie (2020-09-22) Edited Log in to Reply
This organ is voiced remarkably similar to the magnificent Hagebeer/Schnitger organ of St. Laurenskerk, Alkmaar. But with superior acoustics and specification. A hearing of the Suite de Deuxiéme Ton of Clérambault played here on the Metzler in comparison with the late Pierre Froidebise performing it at the Alkmaar organ (Nonesuch "French Organ Masterpieces of the 17th and 18th Centuries") simply bears this out. If you have not heard this searing recording, it's been masterfully re-issued on CD at:
yolar (2021-09-16) Log in to Reply
Sorry, I don't see many similarities with the organ in Alkmaar. Biggest difference: Alkmaar is best for North-German baroque and Poblet has the aim to capture different European school in it's disposition, mainly French, Spanish, South German...
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