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User: PleasantPipes

User Information

I love organs and organ music since I was a child. In the summer of 2020, I discovered Hauptwerk. Being fascinated how it opens doors to new and enriching possibilities, I started recording improvisations and repertoire performance covering music from early Baroque to the 20th century.

My motto "quantum potes, tantum aude" ("all thou canst, do thou endeavour"; from the hymn "Lauda Sion" written around 1264 by St. Thomas Aquinas) helps me to consider myself as a continuously learning enthusiast who appreciates any constructive comments, suggestions, encouragement, and criticism.

Hardware profile

Operating system: OS 10.15: Catalina
Audio/MIDI interface:
Manual(s): Classic MIDI Keyboards
System: Mac mini
RAM: 32 GB
Software(s): Hauptwerk VII
Sample Set(s): 1898 Adolf Volkmann, Lipiny
Alessandria, Mascioni (2010)
Chorzów, św. Jadwiga Śląska
Eisenbarth, Friesach (2000)
Erfurt, Büßleben, St. Petri Kirche
Köck (1700), Obervellach
Mascioni, Azzio (2016)
Mascioni, Giubiasco (2008)
Noordbroek, Schnitger-Hinsz-Freytag
Prytanée, Levasseur-Dangeville Organ (1640, 1772)
Seifert (2015), Goch