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User: JonnyMusic

User Information

Setup photos

The name's Jonathan "Jonny" Selimovic. I'm also referred to as "Jonny Music". I'm on a life-long mission to produce and grow the World's Largest Organ Arrangements Library/Collection, with the main focus on Pop Culture music. Currently at 640+ produced and counting.

The green unicorn beside me in the profile photo is my Ponysona OC called: Silver Whistle. He's who I would be as a My Little Pony character.

I'm also one of the hosts of the Organ Mavericks Podcast, which its mission is to share the awesomeness and versatility of the organ with the whole world.

Hardware profile

Operating system: Windows 10
Audio/MIDI interface: Schiit Fulla 3
Manual(s): M-Audio
Pedalboard: N/A
System: PC
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
RAM: 128 GB
Monitor(s): LCD/TFT
Speakers: Headphones
Amplifier(s): Schiit Fulla 3
Software(s): Hauptwerk VII
Sample Set(s): Casavant, opus 3742 (1995), Bellevue, Washington
St. Anne's Moseley