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Considerations When Choosing Speakers For Hauptwerk


Speakers are often the weak link in many people's audio systems. They are the final component that the audio signal passes through before it's released into the wild. Choosing the right speaker h...

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The Anglican Way of setting up and using pistons!


I have to admit that "pushing pistons" is one of my favorite things to do!Since I'm pretty much "self-taught", I do LOTS of things that many fine teachers would say are "wrong".  Each musician mu...

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Choosing an Audio Interface (a.k.a. "sound card") for Hauptwerk


The Most Common Question

The most common, question people ask is "can I use my computer's own sound card?". The answer is "it all depends".

The problem with most on-board sound cards is ...

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Multi Channel Audio in Hauptwerk


Mixed Signals

Multi channel audio is consistently one of the most confusing elements to setting up a Hauptwerk instrument.

So, I thought I'd explain a few things and show a test case.Read More

The Great Christian Müller Organ of the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, Holland


The great Church of St. Bavo, Haarlem, Holland.I think all organists will agree that the 1738 Christian Müller organ at the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, Holland is one of the world's gr...

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The Willis organs of Hereford and Salisbury Cathedrals - a Comparative Look


I love the sound of an English cathedral organ!  It is a unique and highly varied tonal palette that allows the performance of a large and diverse spectrum of musical styles.  The great Engl...

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Is It Worth Converting A Console To "MIDI" For Use With Hauptwerk?


Once More Into the Breach... Sure. This is doable. There are some caveats and considerations. So, let's work though them so you can make an informed choice.Firstly, retrofitting a console is not going...

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The Stahlhuth / Jann organ of St. Martin’s Church at Dudelange, Luxembourg


The famous Stahlhuth / Jann organ of St. Martin's Church in Dudelange is a successful blending of several different national styles.  In fact it is not only a combination of national diversity, b...

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Where "Good" and "Cheap" Belong in the Same Description - A Headphone Love Story


Here at MIDIWorks, we've long been fans of the AKG k700 series of headphones; specifically, the K701, K702 and Q701 headphone models.

I had such a visceral reaction to the K701 the first time I...

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Hauptwerk Through The Church's House System


This topic is one that comes up a lot. It's something that certainly can be done. It looks like it should be a pretty logical thing to do. However, it needs to be done for the ri...

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