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User: Wolfie

User Information

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Getting back into the organ thanks to the stunning advances in organ sampling technology and the availability of exquisite instrument sets. Studied with Frank Speller (UT Austin), René Saorgin (Conservatoire de Musique, Nice), Susan Ferré (Dallas). I have much to relearn.

Bravo to Midiworks for providing this invaluable resource and for showcasing its many great contributors. A++++++

Hardware profile

Operating system: OS 10.15: Catalina
Audio/MIDI interface: Presonus Quantum 2626
Manual(s): Rodgers 795
Pedalboard: AGO
System: Mac mini
Processor: 3.2GHZ i7 6-CORE
RAM: 64 GB
Monitor(s): Ipad Pro, Samsung 43" 4K Monitor
Speakers: Custom built JBL L65X2 towers
Amplifier(s): 2X Halfler P3000
Sample Set(s): 2012 Metzler, Poblet Abbey, Spain
Aristide No.1 Version 2
Caen - St. Etienne Cavaillé Coll
Dom Bédos Organ Model
Notre Dame de Metz Mutin/Cavaillé-Coll