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G. Silbermann Organ, Grosshartmannsdorf [Back to Library]

Producer: Pipeloops
Builder: Silbermann (Gottfried)
Country: Germany
Style: Baroque Organs
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1741


The Gottfried Silbermann organ in Gro├čhartmannsdorf has two manuals and pedal with 21 stops. It comprises 1178 sounding pipes, the prospect is completed by 26 silent pipes. The organ case is 5,50 m tall and 4,30 m wide, the middle tower of the prospect shows the emblem of the church patron, who signed the contract with Silbermann and paid a substantial part of the cost of the instrument. The organ was inaugurated on the 3rd December 1741.

This instrument is one of the best preserved organs of Gottfried Silbermann, it has been well maintained but never been modified significantly. First repairs had been carried out by Adam Gottfried Oehme from Freiberg in 1780, further works by Gebr. Jehmlich from Dresden. Since 1952 the organ is maintained by Eule Orgelbau from Bautzen. It is not known at what time the temperament of the organ has been changed. It is now tuned to equal temperament, but still nearly a full note higher than todays concert pitch. Analysis of the samples shows a tuning with a1=462 Hz.

Many recordings are available with this instrument, mostly with works by J.S. Bach. The organ has a very bright and clear sound, which is typical for the instruments of Gottfried Silbermann.

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