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Haverhill OIC [Back to Library]

Producer: Lavender Audio
Country: United Kingdom
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1901


The Hauptwerk sample set for the original organ has a specification that is virtually identical to the existing instrument. The one addition is the Great Harmonic Flute 4‘, which is simply the Nazard transposed down 7 notes - the two stops are presented as one unified rank. This allows the player access to the Harmonic Flute as intended by Binns without sacrificing the extra colour the Nazard provides ... the best of both worlds. Although the Nazard is tuned as a pure twelfth rank, the lack of upper harmonics don’t cause any real problem when it is played as a four foot stop.

Two organ definition files (ODFs) are provided to cater for differing screen requirements, one requiring a display resolution of 1280 x 1024 with the alternative designed to run on the Hauptwerk minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
By way of a bonus, the Mini Set organ definition file is also included.

Computer system requirements are not too demanding by the standards of today’s machines. A 64 bit operating system, dual core processor and 4 GB RAM is preferred but not essential - please see the user guide (download link below) for more details of memory usage. This set has been tested on a Windows XP 32 bit system with 3GB RAM and it will load with all stops enabled, provided that single loops are selected for all stops (other loading options set to default, ie lossless compression, 16 bit samples, multiple releases).

This set is protected by the dongle licensing system, which will involve a dongle licence upgrade arranged by Milan Digital Audio. The organ definition file is not encrypted.

# of uploads with organ:165
# of users uploaded using organ:34
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