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1925 G.F. Steinmeyer, Berlin, Germany [Back to Library]

Producer: OrganArt Media
Builder: Steinmeyer
Country: Germany
Style: Symphonic
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: Yes
Audio Ouput: Surround
Date Built: 1925


The completely original surviving large 71-stop Steinmeyer post-romantic organ, op. 1400, built in 1925, is a worldwide unique instrument of this organ builder and this era.

It was designed by the Berlin concert organist Otto Dunkelberg, who later worked as an organist of the giant organ of the Passau cathedral, and and is considered the smaller sister and predecessor of what was then the world's largest church organ.

The organ, which survived WWII as one of the few Berlin instruments and the demolition or modification in the course of the neo-baroque phase, shows features of the Alsatian organ reform according to Rupp-Schweitzer and also, due to Steinmeyer's American contacts, has characteristics of these instruments, such as larger manual and pedal sizes, extensive sub- and supe- octave couplers, string choirs, etc.

The disposition allows the interpretation of German, French and Anglo-American music from the 19th century to modern, as well as older music in the taste of the early 20th century.

Until a few years ago, becoming almost unplayable due to wear and church climate influences, it was extensively restored during three years of work and was inaugurated again in 2018. One of the few surviving large Steinmeyer organs from this era has risen again.

The Ss. Corpus Christi Church has a reverberation time up to 6 s.

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GlamRockCowboy (2021-09-25) Log in to Reply
You should have added the 32-foot pedal stops at the end--especially the 32-foot reeds!
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