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Waldkirchen, St. Peter Und Paul [Back to Library]

Producer: Forestpipes Virtual Organs
Builder: Eisenbarth
Country: Germany
Style: Modern Organs
Manuals: 4
Pedalboard: Yes
Audio Ouput: Stereo
Date Built: 2007


The first organ in Waldkirchen was mentioned in 1769, but in 1782 the market burned down and the church and it’s organ with it. In the same year a new organ was built, and all the sources tell from a bad condition of it.
There are no known details about the next instrument, but Michael Weise from Plattling modficated it in 1919. This organ had 33 manual and 7 pedal stops und had several facilities in it’s disposal. The sound was praised as power- and colourful.
A new expertise 16 years later marked the organ as debased and a new organ-building contract was signed with Becker and Hiendl in Passau. The new organ contained 26 manual and 5 pedal stops and a collection brought 150 kg lead for the pipes.
At the end of World War II the city center was burned down and this organ was also destructed. Only a few years later the church was rebuilt and already in 1949 it got a choir organ from Steinmeyer (Oettingen) and in 1951 a main organ from Eisenbarth (Passau). There was the possibility to couple the choir with the main organ which gaves a rich and room-filling sound. The pneumatic tracker action was not able to last over hundreds of years and so plans for a new organ arosed.
The new organ, again built by Eisenbarth, was inaugured in 2007. Many stops were reused from the predecessor instrument and revoiced. The choir organ from 1949 was restored and is playable from the 4th manual of the main organ. Also you can play the Swell of the main organ from the 2nd manual of the choir organ.
The organ’s concept is versatile, but with an accent on french romantic. So it contains a full reed chorus in the Swell Division and many colourful foundation stops in all Divisions.

This sample set will be made available early 2018 at the latest.

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