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de Backer - Gapinge [Back to Library]

Producer: Voxus Virtual Organs
Builder: de Backer
Country: Netherlands
Manuals: 1
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1760


The organ of the Town Church of Gapinge was built around 1760, probably by Ludovicus de Backer from Middelburg, or one of his pupils. The origin of the organ is most certainly the province of Zeeland, since strips of the ‘Middelburgse Courant’ dating back to 1804 were found inside the stoppers of some stopped organ pipes. In 1833 it was probably already owned by Abraham de Landmeter, a wealthy contractor from Middelburg. It was probably offered for sale to the Mennonite congregation of Middelburg, but it wasn’t sold. In 1873 the organ was bequeathed to the Dutch Reformed Church of Oostkapelle. Also a sum of 1700 guilders was available, the interest of which was to be used to pay the organist’s salary and to maintain the instrument. The organ was placed onto a balcony supported by three wrought iron pillars and was inaugurated the 20th of July 1873. In 1903 the organ was sold for 350 guilders to the Dutch Reformed congregation of Gapinge. The original statues of the organ were left behind on the organ loft in Oostkapelle. In 1985 the Pels & van Leeuwen company from ‘s Hertogenbosch restored the instrument, supervised by Jan Jongepier, who also played this fine organ during its inauguration.


Prestant disc.
Quint basc.
Cornet disc.
8 ft. (Diapason, treble compass only)
8 ft. (Hohl Flute)
4 ft. (Octave Diapason)
4 ft. (Flute_
1 1/2 ft. (Twelth, bass compass only)
2 ft. (fiftheenth)
III ranks
gapingen orgel2Composition of the Cornet: c’ 2 2/3 ft. – 2 ft. – 1 3/5 ft.

Other Details:
Manual compass: C-c’’
Tuning: Werckmeister III
Pitch: a’ = 420 Hz
Action: mechanical tracker

# of uploads with organ:58
# of users uploaded using organ:14
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