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Hauptwerk Technical

Hauptwerk Explained E-Book (FREE)


We are proud to share with you all 'Hauptwerk Explained - A guide to understanding and getting started in the world of Hauptwerk' by Darryl Wood. It is an E-Book designed to help the interest...

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Understanding Audio Equipment Specs


Are you mystified by audio specs when you're looking at buying audio interfaces or amplifiers for your Hauptwerk instrument? Have you ever wondered why it's so confusing?

The good news is that ...

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Clarifying MIDI Misconceptions - Pt II


Welcome to MIDI Misconceptions - Pt II. This time we'll look at MIDI Ports vs. MIDI Channels, How you can have multiple devices all connected by one cable, and explain the difference between MIDI Merg...

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Considerations When Choosing Speakers For Hauptwerk


Speakers are often the weak link in many people's audio systems. They are the final component that the audio signal passes through before it's released into the wild. Choosing the right speaker h...

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Hauptwerk Through The Church's House System


This topic is one that comes up a lot. It's something that certainly can be done. It looks like it should be a pretty logical thing to do. However, it needs to be done for the ri...

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Fun With Wind Modelling


Now that everyone has the wind modelling system in their version of Hauptwerk, it's time to have some fun with it.

I Have Wind Modelling. What Does This Mean?

One of the things...

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Diagnosing Audio Distortion Symptoms


 AAAAAAaaaagh!!!! What happened?!! Your Hauptwerk system sounds like a car radio between stations when you play it. It's crunchy. Scratchy, It stutters like an electronic dance music starlet...

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"I Want A MIDI" - Clarifying MIDI Misconceptions


A Common Cause

Is MIDI super-confusing to you? You are not alone. Don't feel bad. Are you hesitating to move forward with a Hauptwerk instrument because you are worried about the MIDI aspects o...

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Choosing an Audio Interface (a.k.a. "sound card") for Hauptwerk


The Most Common Question

The most common, question people ask is "can I use my computer's own sound card?". The answer is "it all depends".

The problem with most on-board sound cards is ...

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Is It Worth Converting A Console To "MIDI" For Use With Hauptwerk?


Once More Into the Breach... Sure. This is doable. There are some caveats and considerations. So, let's work though them so you can make an informed choice.Firstly, retrofitting a console is not going...

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Guide to Looking for Used Macs for Your Hauptwerk System


Peer Pressure?

So, you're looking for a Mac Pro but you nearly had a heart attack from the sticker shock. 

Everyone told you that you needed a Mac for Hauptwerk but you've l...

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Transferring Your Settings From Hauptwerk to One of the Hauptwerk Alt Configs


I got a call yesterday from someone wanting to transfer all of their sample set settings from the main Hauptwerk installation to one of the alternate configurations (Hauptwerk Alt Config 1, Alt config...

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Tips for Selecting Your Hauptwerk Computer


Probably the most frequent questions I get asked by customers are questions relating to which computer they should buy for Hauptwerk.

Part of the problem in answering that in a general way...

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Hauptwerk Audio - Voicing


I was sitting at a church this morning while our tech Arie was voicing a Hauptwerk instrument we installed and thought "this might be a good topic to tackle".

Basically, I thought I'd explain w...

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Multi Channel Audio in Hauptwerk


Mixed Signals

Multi channel audio is consistently one of the most confusing elements to setting up a Hauptwerk instrument.

So, I thought I'd explain a few things and show a test case.Read More

Hauptwerk Audio for Churches - General


Pipe Dreams

A great pipe organ in a great room and the money to keep it in tip-top shape is the ultimate sonic situation! 

However, the reality is that having those three elemen...

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Hauptwerk Home Audio Explained for Pro Audio Retailers - Reprint


Originally posted January 13 2013

Greetings Audio Professional,

Chances are that some nice person has just approached you with a crazy story about wanting lots of speakers, audio convert...

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