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LFE for VPO church installations!

Hi all,

A friend of mine pointed me towards -- a self-made rotary subwoofer, which is capable to produce high decibels at the very low frequency band < 20 Hz down to infrasound.

I think this could be a perfectly valid solution for any VPO builder who has the task to install instruments at churches, concert halls, etc. and would like to also implement that "guts feeling" that is present on real instruments, but was yet lost (or at least too weak) on any system using speakers.

I'd be curious if anyone of you is working in this kind of business and, of course, would be eager to hear about real-world implementations in case somebody adapts or already adapted it! :-)
by woody-mc
Sep 16, 2023 04:00 AM

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RE: LFE for VPO church installations!

Haven't heard of using rotary woofers for VPO, but there was an installation like that for M&O opus 4 at Middle Collegiate Church NYC. Unfortunately the church burnt down. The fire was so severe, that the only thing left are the stone walls. Even the windows didn't survive.
by pordzio
Oct 2, 2023 03:09 AM

RE: LFE for VPO church installations!

Ouch, WHAT an incredible loss! :-(
by woody-mc
Oct 3, 2023 04:16 PM

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