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Peterborough Cathedral Hill Organ - Current specification release (concert pitch)

I am pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Peterborough Cathedral Hill organ.”, which represents the instrument as it is today, at concert pitch.

Originally built in 1894 by William Hill, using previous pipework dating back as far as 1735, Peterborough Cathedral organ was originally tuned to old philharmonic pitch (around A=452). Along with Willis, Hill was considered one of the most significant English builders. More information on the organs history can be found here

The organ was re-pitched by Harrison and Harrison in 2015/16, and as well as the change to concert pitch, this also included some tonal changes (addition of a 16' pedal extension to the 32' Open Diapason, a new Hill style Tuba Mirabilis, and addition of a Nazard and Sesquialtera on the choir). The project was widely regarded as a resounding success, with the current instrument sounding more splendid than ever. This latest Hauptwerk set update recreates the current state of the organ, using a combination of samples from the existing set and new samples (a considerable number of ranks were completely resampled, and the sound of each pipe checked against the original pre-repitched recordings, in order to determine where new samples should be used to capture the current character of the instrument). Particularly, the entirely re-sampled Tuba and Tuba Mirabilis are sounding better than ever with the benefit of up to 7 different lengths of release sample to provide the ultimate in realism. The update also includes some fixes and improvements to the original sets. I will be contacting owners of the current Peterborough sets in the next few days to provide links to the update installation package, which is free to existing users.

As well as the usual perpetual licences, there is a 2 week trial licence which allows you to play the full instrument in all its glory! Visit our store for details:

I'd particularly like to thank Contrebombarde regular, Agnus_Dei for his very kind help and support. Many thanks David!
by trenchardb
Jan 11, 2022 08:22 AM

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