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Post updates?

Dear all,

As I know that -- under the bulk load of new incoming posts -- older posts are rarely revisited, changes to any details like the description or the YT video link pass by unnoticed more often than not. This is especially true if noone comments on a piece and thus would not be notified even if an update notice was left in the comments section of that post.

This actually just happened on the very laborous FF:X orchestra+organ concert dub and video recut at where I updated the YT video link to -- the full DVD performance recut for my family, friends and everyone else who'd like to enjoy a "polished surround version" of something that was originally "just a stereo broadcast recording".

Personally, because I tend to not upload the same piece more than once just to catch someone's attention, I'd like to a) hereby use this post to inform you about the update and b) would like to request your comments about what you would think could be a wise solution to that problem without spamming or annoying members who're just not interested.

In fact, I had the idea to file a feature request for this kind of functionality at CBadmin, but would like to know in advance whether this is just a thing on my "personal wishlist" or a concern to other uploaders as well.

Looking forward to read your comments/suggestions!

Kind regards,
by woody-mc
May 4, 2021 03:43 PM

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RE: Post updates?

I totally agree with your reasoning and I think this is a great idea. Thanks.

by Theorbe
May 25, 2021 04:08 AM

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