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Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

Hello folks!
I have quite disturbing and annoying problem with audio cracling when I play for example an improvisation on tutti and quite fast on Oloron-Saint-Marie sample set (built in Hauptwerk CPU gauge shows 100% usage even though Windows 10 in Task menager shows up to 60%). I set hauptwerk priority to High and it didn't help and that's why I'm asking You for help.
Hope you'll help me.
All the best,
Karol Jurgielewicz
by Karol
Mar 17, 2021 11:02 AM

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RE: Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

Try adding stops one at a time while playing a large chord. It will probably reach a point where the crackling begins. If that comes close to what you have programmed for Tutti, you could reduce the number of stops programmed for Tutti and let that be the solution. If that doesn't help or you need the full Tutti, try the steps starting on page 273 of the Hauptwerk User Guide.

If you haven't posted this problem on - that would be a better way to get the help you need. The people who respond to 'Free Edition Support' are very helpful and more experienced.
by bayless
Mar 17, 2021 03:55 PM

RE: Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

Thanks but my cracling is showing up only when playing fast chords.
Ps. "Tutti" means all (stops) ;) You were talking about Full Organ.
by Karol
Mar 20, 2021 11:07 AM

RE: Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

If you have cracks only when you pull the tutti, then try lowering the audio output level. -8dB should be alright.

If like me, you have random cracks when the CPU gauge tops to 100% even though the system monitor shows low CPU usage, even when not playing, then it's probably because of audio buffer overflows.
The usual solution is to set a bigger audio buffer size. I've had to push mine to 1024 kB which is clearly unacceptable in terms of playability.

My console is equipped with a miniDSP audio interface. Could replacing it with more en vogue hardware like Focusrite solve the problem?
by JohnTheMonk
Mar 20, 2021 05:21 PM

RE: Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

Thanks for reply!
I reduced audio output by 10db year ago.
I maxed out max audio buffer (I maybe mistaken but I set is to 4096) and still it happens...Thanks for advices, I'll try reducing audio output in Hauptwerk even more for tesing purposes only ;)
by Karol
Mar 20, 2021 06:18 PM

RE: Cracling sound and CPU 100% usage

That seems to have fixed my problem which wasn't solved by buying a new computer and removing all extraneous software and stopping all non-microsoft services.

I believe that the sound quality is also better, but I have quite compromised hearing; so I'm not the best judge of such things.
by Wannabe
Mar 23, 2021 12:57 PM

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