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St. Mary le Bow Sample set

I recently purchased the Sample set of St. Mary le Bow, perhaps out of curiosity, or perhaps to have a "last generation" English organ. I don't particularly like this type of organ. Seeing the very low price of the sample set I thought it was yet another purchase of "poor organ", also considering the fact that my ear is now accustomed to hearing Sample sets such as Haarlem Surround, Rotterdam, Dudelange, Kampen, Imperial Kattedral, Rosales - Oregon, Notre Dame de Metz and so on .. I must say that I was amazed by the quality / price of St. Mary le Bow which today is one of my best and favorite sample sets. Flawless sampling quality and very professional sound mixing accuracy. The mixer interface is also excellent, offering separate mixes for each manual and pedal of all three perspectives sampled. Very cleverly, several switches have been added which can be manually indicated which stop was loaded with the original tremolo: without this panel (not having loaded a tremolo stop) the sound would no longer be active by inserting the tremolo. Excellent work also done on Wind model and simply delightful the "random detuning" adjustable on several levels which makes the instrument perfectly tuned up to completely out of tone. This makes the sample set very lively and realistic. The only flaw is perhaps the slightly dry reverberation, a problem that is easily overcome with the artificial ribervero of Hw5. Congratulations indeed to David Butcher
by Anto800
Mar 16, 2020 06:16 AM

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